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I am delighted to introduce to you the website of William Walton Trust. As international appreciation continues to grow for one of the great men of British music we hope that this site will prove interesting and informative both to those who are looking for general information and to those seeking specialist help. This comprehensive site is intended to assist in planning programmes and to serve as a point of reference, which, with the scholarly help of Stewart Craggs, includes an extensive catalogue and bibliography.

The complete works of Sir William are available on Chandos Records. Christopher Columbus, the last major work of Sir William’s to be recorded, will be released next year. This will complete Chandos historic period of recording and will ensure the availability of all Sir William’s music on CD, alongside the many recordings available from other record labels as listed in the discography, prepared by Chandos Marketing Department.

Sir William’s publishers, Oxford University Press, continue their publication of the William Walton Edition, which will ensure that the composer’s ever-increasing popularity at the start of the twenty-first century will be complemented by performing material which is edited to the highest contemporary standards, and which, at the same time, is eminently practical. As the General Editor, David Lloyd-Jones comments, ‘by the time the task is completed, no British composer born in the twentieth century will have been better served by their publisher.’

This website describes the work and role of the William Walton Trust, together with its sister organisation in Italy, Fondazione William Walton. The aim of these trusts is to deepen the public’s knowledge of Sir William and to do this through a number of steps. Young people remain central to our objectives: we have developed a programme of residencies at La Mortella for composers, horticulturalists, researchers and performers from, among other places, Oxford, Harvard, Yale, and New York Botanic Gardens. We promote a series of regular concerts with musicians from Conservatorio S. Pietro a Majella, Naples, Accademia di S. Cecilia, Rome, Scuola di Musica in Fiesole, and Conservatorio di Avellino. We also continue to develop our strong links with The Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, and the Oldham Music Service.

We would be pleased to hear of any plans you may have with a view to posting them on the calendar of events on the web-site.
It is fitting, at this point, to pay tribute to the energy and commitment of Lady Walton, to whose dedication much of the following information is attributable.

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‘There’s a lot in this chap’ William Walton (1902-1983)

Michael Kennedy, critic & biographer. The text on this page, has been taken from “Walton – A Celebration – 2002”, published by William Walton Trust, March 2000. A comprehensive guide to Walton at the Centenary of his birth: the man, his music and the development of his legacy.

William Walton is one of the three indisputable leaders of the first generation of 20th century British composers, together with Michael Tippett (three years younger) and Benjamin Britten (eleven years younger). Their immediate musical forbears were Vaughan Williams (b 1872) and Holst (b 1874) and all were contemporary with Edward Elgar (b 1857) who lived until 1934. Of these illustrious names, Walton was the closest in style and temperament to Elgar and his personal background was remarkably similar. Both were born in provincial towns to lower middle class parents and both had no formal musical education at a college or academy. But Walton achieved fame earlier in his life.

William Turner Walton was born on 29 March 1902 at 93, Werneth Hall Road, Oldham, Lancashire. His father Charles Walton had been one of the first intake in 1893 at the new Royal Manchester College of Music, where he was a bass-baritone pupil of Andrew Black, who, five years later, was to create the title-part in Elgar’s Caractacus. Charles became organist and choirmaster at St John’s Church, Werneth, for 21 years and also taught singing and the organ elsewhere. His wife, Louisa Maria Turner, was a good amateur contralto. William and his elder brother sang in the St John’s Choir. William also learned to play the piano and (for a brief time) the violin. His musical talent was obvious and when he was ten he was entered for a voice trial for probationer choristers at Christ Church Cathedral School, Oxford. Although he arrived late because of a missed train, his mother pleaded for him to be heard and the organist, Dr H.G.Ley, accepted him after he sang Marcello’s ‘O Lord Our Governor’. So William exchanged the ‘nightmare’ of a board school in Oldham for an Oxford boarding-school where his first term was made ‘odious’ for him because of his Lancashire accent, which he later learned to conceal (although never entirely).

Walton was at the choir school from 1912 to 1918. When war was declared in 1914, Charles Walton’s singing pupils declined in number and William would have been brought home to become an office-boy or to work as a clerk in a cotton-mill if Dr Thomas Strong, Dean of Christ Church, had not himself paid the balance of the school fees not met by the scholarship. Dr. Strong was a firm believer in the boy’s talent. Walton was by then composing anthems and songs, some of which Strong showed to Sir Hubert Parry who remarked: ‘There’s a lot in this chap, you must keep an eye on him!’ Walton’s version of why he started composing was ‘I must make myself interesting somehow or when my voice breaks, I’ll be sent home to Oldham’. His musical education at Oxford was supervised by Hugh Allen, then organist of New College and later professor of music at Oxford University and Director of the Royal College of Music. Through Allen and Strong he was introduced to the music of Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Ravel, Debussy and Prokofiev, the avant-garde of the time. He passed the first half of his Bachelor of Music exam in June 1918, but failed the exam called Responsions at three attempts in 1919. He passed the second part of his B. Mus. in June 1920 (and received the honorary degree of Doctor of Music in 1941). His musical education had continued in the holidays at Oldham: his father took him to Hallé concerts in Manchester and he attended performances of Sir Thomas Beecham’s famous opera seasons in Manchester in 1916 and 1917.

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La Mortella

The island of Ischia, in the Bay of Naples, has long been a refuge for artists, musicians, writers and screen personalities. Immediately after the second world war William Walton came to live on Ischia with his Argentinian wife Susana, and over the years they entertained many illustrious guests, including Laurence Olivier, Vivien Leigh, Terence Rattigan and Maria Callas.

Their home, La Mortella – the place of the myrtles – is set in exotic tropical gardens renowned throughout Europe.  Originally designed by the landscape architect Russell Page , they were opened to the public in 1991 and today can be visited between April and November.

The house is built on the side of a volcanic hill and includes a Recital Hall and the Archive. Created in 1990, the Archive contains Sir William’s letters, photographs, manuscripts and memorabilia. It offers an important resource for both students and enthusiasts, and part of the material is today on permanent exhibition in the Museum. The collection is continually updated, each time new material comes to light. As with La Mortella itself, which has evolved from a barren stone quarry into a rich tropical garden, the archive has been a labour of love supported by careful long-term planning.

In the Recital Hall, two Seasons of chamber music concerts are staged, one in Spring and one in Autumn. Young musicians sent from Italian and foreign Schools of Music perform more than 70 weekend concerts, all open to the public. Between 1989 and 1999 annual Masterclasses were organised for young singers and other musicians each August and September. Harvard University has a Residency programme here for composers, and trainee gardeners come to gain work experience.

Over the years the ‘Fondazione William Walton e La Mortella’ has established special collaborative relationships with prestigious schools of music, among them the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama which has set up a scholarship in the name of William Walton and sends an ensemble of its students to Ischia each year, the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, with whom an annual scholarship is offered to a young musician and the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia USA, with whom residential music courses and concerts are organised.

The Greek Theatre dominates the upper garden, with audience seating cut into the slope of the hillside and a stage that overlooks the panorama of the Bay of Forio. It is in this evocative theatre, surrounded by China roses and aromatic herbs, that the summer season of Youth Orchestra Concerts takes place.

La Mortella is one of the most beautiful private gardens in Europe. In 2004 it was awarded First Prize as ‘il più bel parco d’Italia’ (the most beautiful park in Italy) by the American company Briggs & Stratton, against competition from 100 other gardens.

This enchanting garden has taken more than 50 years to create, from the artistic sense, the love and the determination of Lady Walton to offer the composer a refuge in which to work in serenity and seclusion. Whilst William was composing, Susana was creating a masterpiece of her own, made up of flowers and plants; tirelessly planting, giving form and structure to an inaccessible and unpromising terrain, propagating and irrigating, and from a belief in the force of dreams, little by little she has created a garden which today hosts thousands of rare and exotic plants. For Susana Walton, la Mortella is a life’s mission, a monument to the life and works of William, and a touching record of the great love that they lived together.

The property, which in the early years of the 1950s was a scorched and desolate terrain studded with volcanic rocks, is today a garden on several levels, which varies from a typically sub-tropical environment in the valley, with its own humid and shady microclimate, to areas much more exposed to the sun high on the hill.



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